House of Representatives

H​ouse of Representatives Investigation Report Regarding Rep. Matt Shea, December 1, 2019 - PDF

Below are supporting exhibits cited in the Rampart Group’s investigatory report concerning the conduct of Representative Matt Shea

Footnote #DateExhibit #TypeSubjectDocument
2, 30
04/10/14 1AArticleBunkerville StandoffIII% Militia's Sipsey Street Irregulars Website - Open Letter from Rep Matt Shea re: Bunkerville Call-Out; Absolved, Mike Vanderboegh
304/11/14 1BArticleBunkerville COWSReaganWing Website Posts “Bundy Ranch Nevada 2” - Rep Shea Coalition of Western States (COWS)
104/12/14 1CArticleBunkerville StandoffReaganWing Website Posts WA State Advance Team Diplomatic Mission to Nevada and Timeline- Rep Shea, Anthony Bosworth
31, 3204/12/14 1DArticleBunkerville StandoffReaganWing Website Posts “Bundy Ranch Nevada 4 -What Really Happened..” - Rep Shea
3104/14/14 1EArticleBunkerville StandoffReaganWing Website Posts “Bundy Ranch Nevada 6” - Rep Shea; Operation Mutual Defense Overview
809/26/14 1FPress ReleaseBunkerville StandoffPatriot Event 4th Annual Idaho Liberty Summit re: Lessons from Bundy Ranch, Rep Matt Shea, KrisAnne Hall
13, 4412/11/15 2ADocumentMalheur OccupationDemand Letter - "Redress of Grievance" Letter to Harney County Sheriff - Coalition of Western States (COWS),
13, 4412/08/15 2BScreenshotMalheur OccupationSummary Metadata - "Redress of Grievance"
13, 4412/08/15 2CDocumentCOWSCoalition of Western States (COWS) Members as of 12/12/2015
13, 4412/11/15 2DWebsite PostCOWS Malheur Demand Letter - "Redress of Grievance" from Bundy Website - Coalition of Western States, (COWS),
12, 45, 59, 11912/11/15 2EDocumentCOWS MalheurPress Release - Coalition of Western States (COWS) re: Hammond Family
14, 11301/03/16 2GScreenshotMalheur OccupationRep Matt Shea FB Posting re: Oregon Situation - Malheur
47, 57, 106 2HPhotoMalheur OccupationAnthony Bosworth and Ammon Bundy at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge 2016
14, 24, 48, 6801/04/16 2IEmailMalheur OccupationPrivate Email From Rep Shea, aka Verumbellator re Malheur Ops Plan WARNING ORDER Operation Cold Reality
14, 15, 53, 68, 114, 11701/04/16 2JDocumentMalheur OccupationWARNING ORDER – Operation Cold Reality (Malheur) - (Attachment to 2I)
15, 53, 61, 62, 6801/05/16 2KEmailMalheur OccupationMalheur Update From Rep Shea, aka Verumbellator to Private Recipients
1701/06/16 2LEmailsMalheur OccupationOregon Update and 3% (Militia) aka III% Comms Contained in 25 Emails Dated 1/5/2016 - 1/10/2016 - Rep Shea aka Verumbellator and Private Recipients
15, 49, 6801/05/16 2MDocumentMalheur OccupationAttachment to 1.5.2016 Email (2K) Updated OPORD – Operation Cold Reality
15, 6801/05/16 2NDocumentMalheur OccupationOperation Readiness and Deployment Levels
16, 56, 10401/12/16 2QEmailMalheur OccupationRep. Heather Scott to Rep Shea re: Idaho Press Release
16, 56, 10501/12/16 2RDocumentMalheur OccupationPress Release - Idaho State Reps re: Malheur
4701/27/16 2SScreenshotCOWS Malheur Facebook Post re Liberty For All (LFA) and Coalition of Western States (COWS) Orders
10902/05/16 2UEmailCOWS Malheur Coalition of Western States (COWS) Email Statement to Finicum Family
58, 11903/04/16 2WEmailCOWS Malheur COWS Public Relations to "" re: Anthony Bosworth
76, 11809/12/16 2XArticleMalheur OccupationInlander Article - Patriot of the Year Award Anthony Bosworth
5011/19/15 2YEmailMalheur OccupationRep Matt Shea re: Heather Scott
303/21/16 3AEmailEthics ComplaintRep Matt Shea Legislative Ethics Board Complaint
303/23/16 3BEmailEthics ComplaintRep Matt Shea Ethics Complaint w Signed Statement
7203/21/16 67EmailEthics Complaint(Duplicate of 3A)
7203/23/16 68EmailEthics Complaint(Duplicate of 3B)
3, 6, 3303/23/16 3CDocumentEthics ComplaintRep Shea Signed Statement re: Ethics Complaint Ethics Complaint
21, 7808/14/12 4AArticle, EmailPolitical OppositionRep Shea Outside Political Opponent’s House; Email re GPS Tracking
22, 79 4BScreenshotOnline ChatParty Animals Chat Members ID by Phone Number
2210/29/2017 to 12/13/2017 4CScreenshotOnline ChatParty Animals Chat John Jacob Schmidt, and Rep Shea, aka Verumbellator,
2211/01/17 4DScreenshotOnline ChatParty Animals Chat w/John Jacob Schmidt, and Rep Shea, aka Verumbellator,; 63rd Lightfoot Militia Op Order
8012/17/17 4HScreenshotOnline ChatOnline Chat - Scout, and Rep Shea, aka Verumbellator
8001/18/18 4IScreenshotOnline ChatOnline Chat - Rep Shea, aka Verumbellator,; Facebook Post Rep Shea
8002/14/18 4JScreenshotOnline ChatParty Animal Chat Rep Shea, aka Verumbellator,
26, 9007/02/14 5ADocumentBiblial Basis for WarBiblical Basis for War - Authored by Rep Matt Shea
26, 9007/02/14 5BScreenshotBiblical Basis for WarMetadata of Biblical Basis for War - Author Rep Shea
26, 91, 93, 12708/05/16 5CDocumentProvisional GovernmentRestoration Document; Assembly Structure, Intervention Guidelines, Crisis Leadership Plan, Self-Maledictory Oath
10, 25, 8707/07/16 6AEmailsTeam Rugged TrainingPatrick Caughran to Rep Matt Shea re: Team Rugged
2508/23/17 6BDocumentTeam Rugged SOSWA State Secretary of State Business Information re: Team Rugged Business Application
25, 8608/02/18 6CDocumentTeam Rugged SOSWA State Secretary of State Business Information re: Team Rugged Annual Report
25, 86 6DScreenshotTeam Rugged TrainingTeam Rugged Leader Bios (no date)
94, 9508/21/16 6EDocumentPatriot TrainingPatriot Training - Operation Premonition
24, 8408/27/16 7BEmailApparatus of RepressionFrom Verumbellator, aka Rep Shea re: Apparatus of Repression - Law Enforcement Sentitive Information
24, 8408/27/16 7CDocumentApparatus of RepressionApparatus of Repression - Attachment to 7B Email - Law Enforcement Sensitive
2403/07/17 7D
EmailBackgrond ChecksFrom Verumbellator, aka Rep Shea re: CELDF and Background Checks
12902/02/16 8AGraphPatriot MovementSagebrush Insurgency Connections - Rep Shea,
13002/02/16 8ADuplicate of 8A
60, 69, 10701/21/16 9GScreenshotMalheur OccupationLFA III% Washington Facebook Post - Anthony Bosworth re: Removed Surveillance Cameras - Malheur
6901/21/16 9HScreenshotMalheur OccupationLFA III% Washingon Facebook Post - Anthony Bosworth Posting re: Hard Drive Removal - Malheur
100, 11506/21/13 10AScreenshotMarblePhoto, Schedule and Facebook Post re God and Country Celebration at Marble - Rep Shea Speaker
8806/24/16 10HDocumentMarbleSchedule 2016 God and Country Celebration at Marble - Rep Shea Youth Training; Ann Byrd Email
7, 3708/06/15 11AScreenshotPriest RiverFacebook Posts from Rep Shea re: Urgent Action Alert - Veteran in Priest River and Update
402015-Aug 11BDocumentPriest RiverOperations Plan - Idaho Deployment : Operation Armed Backyard, Priest River, Idaho
13710/15/18 12LPress ReleaseAffiliationsAnnouncement John Birch Society – Rep Matt Shea Scheduled Speaker; Act for America Facebook Post, Calendar; Alliance Defending Freedom
9911/23/11 12TDocumentLE Incident ReportsSpokane Police /Spokane County Sheriff Incident Report #11-364413 re: Rep Shea Unlawful Possession of a Weapon; Muncipal Court Order of Continuance, Summons and Complaint, etc.
5, 35, 102, 11406/21/14 12XDocumentLE Incident Reports Spokane Police/Spokane County Sheriff Field Interview Report, Incident # 14-200005 re: Rep Matt Shea and Photo
12205/23/19 12AADocumentLE Incident Reports Spokane County Sheriff Field Case Report, Case # 2019-10069499 re: Argument
9709/04/07 12ABDocumentRestraining OrderSuperior Court of WA, County of Spokane. No. 07-03-01743-5 Restraining Order Issued to Mattthew T Shea
16, 55, 56, 7401/09/16 13CAudio recordingMalheur OccupationMeeting 1/9/2016 at Harney County Courthouse, Burns, OR - Rep Shea,
1212/11/15 13BElectronic copyCOWS Malheur(Duplicate of 2E)
1211/5/15 to 02/11/16 13FDocumentMalheur OccupationHarney County Oregon Sheriff's Office Incident Report # 1512255 re Malheur Occupation 11.5.2015 trough 2.11.2016
12, 1301/09/16 13GAudio recordingMalheur Occupation(Duplicate of 13C)