Graduate Intern Program

The Office​ of Program Research sponsors a legal internship program and a public affairs internship program for law students or public administration graduate students who have completed at least one year toward their respective degrees. The program typically includes two legal interns and one public affairs intern each year.

The program offers these graduate students the opportunity to observe the legislative process and gain "hands on" experience by participating in a two-part program:

  • Training: The interns are employed with the OPR (usually July through mid-September) learning the skills needed to assist committees during session.
  • Legislative session: The interns return to the OPR in January for that part of the legislative session corresponding with winter quarter. Depending on the arrangements with their school, the interns may earn school credit for the winter quarter.

Legal interns work under the supervision of co​​mmittee counsel and public affairs interns are supervised by counsel or analysts. Assignments vary depending on the activities and needs of the House committees. Generally, projects include​ researching legal and policy issues, analyzing legislative proposals, and drafting potential legislation for consideration during session.

Recruitment for the 2024-2025 ​ ​​Leg​al Inter​ns​hip​​​ is now closed.​

Recruitment for the 2024-2025 Pub​lic ​Affairs Internship​ is now closed​​.

For more information, or to submit a letter of interest, resume, and writing sample, please contact Jim Morishima, Graduate Intern Supervisor at (360) 786-7191 or Jim.Morishima@leg.wa.gov.​

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Legal Inte​rnship​
is now closed.

Public Aff​airs I​​ntern​s​hip​​
is now closed​.

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