Legislative Internship Program


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Contact Information

Washington State Legislative Internship Program
P.O. Box 40482
Olympia, WA 98504-0482


The Legislative Internship Program is administered jointly by the Civic Education Directors for the Senate and House of Representatives: 

Myra Hernandez​

Civic Education Director
(360) 786-7498

Leo O'Leary​​
Civic Education Director
House of Representatives
(360) 786-7889
Louis Lindstrom ​           
Deputy Civic Education Director
(360) 786-7451

Career and academic advisors, please contact us to request electronic or hard copies of internship recruitment materials for your campus.

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This page and our social media channels are operated by the non-partisan Civic Education programs of the Washington State Senate and House of Representatives. Posts do not imply political endorsement and may not be used for campaign or lobbying purposes. Comments must relate to the Civic Education programs, as this is not an appropriate forum for legislative discourse. Comments may not be defamatory, obscene, personally abusive or threatening, and may not incite lawless action or illegal conduct. Engagement with Civic Education accounts must conform to ethics restrictions and all legislative policies prohibiting political advocacy and campaigning. Comments that violate these guidelines will be deleted and accounts blocked if necessary following repeated violations.

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