Legislative Internship Program

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Intern Voices- Sharing the Experience in Their Own Words

Networking​​ - Kylie Berghaus, Washington State University Vancouver '21

An Idea​ - Wayne Wyatt, Seattle Pacific University '21

Professionalism and Empathy: They Can Coexist​​ - Clare Henry, Northern Arizona University '21

A Whole New World: The Transition to a Virtual Legislature​ - Christopher Hays, UW Bothell '21

9 Reasons for STEM Majors to Intern - Andy Tran, UW Bothell '16

Journalism and Politics - John Boone, Western Washington University '16

From Data Analysis to Press Releases - Lauren Webster, Central Washington University '16

Blog of an Intern - Jaime Rosenberg, Saint Martin's University '15

4 Reasons for Pre-Law Students to Intern - Chris Martinez, UW Tacoma '15

10 Reasons for Business Majors to Intern - Jonathan Evans, Walla Walla University '15

Intern Spotlight Video (1:36 minutes) - Tyler Sullivan, Pacific Lutheran University '15

Up and Coming Voices - Nikki Saucedo, Saint Martin's University '15