Children's Mental Health Work Group



  • Senator Jeannie Darneille
  • Representative Tom Dent  
  • Representative Tana Senn
  • Senator Judy Warnick   
  • Dr. Mona Johnson, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Ann Marie Henninger, Foster Parent Representative
  • Dr. Bob Hilt, Seattle Children's Hospital
  • Tina Burrell, Department of Social and Health Services
  • Dr. Eric W Trupin, Evidence Based Practice Institute, University of Washington
  • Greg Williamson, Department of Early Learning
  • Joel Ryan, Early Learning Provider Representative
  • Kristin Houser, Parent Representative
  • Laurie Lippold, Child Advocacy Group
  • MaryAnne Lindeblad, Health Care Authority
  • Mary Stone-Smith, Community Mental Health Agency
  • Nickolaus D. Lewis, Tribal Council Representative from the Lummi Nation
  • Ruth Bush, Apple Health Foster Care
  • Steve Kutz, Tribal Council Representative from the Cowlitz Indian Tribe
  • Victoria Cantore, Office of the Governor
  • Lacy Fehrenbach, Department of Health
  • Christi Sahlin, Molina Healthcare​​


For general inquiries about this committee, please contact:

Office of Program Research at 360-786-7100 or Senate Committee Services at 360-786-7400.