Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Trade Policy


Purpose and Duties

The 2003 Legislature created the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Trade Policy (Committee) in statute to monitor the impact of trade agreements on Washington state laws, and to provide a mechanism for legislators and citizens to voice their opinions and concerns about the potential impacts of these agreements to state and federal officials. The Committee has the following specific duties:

  • The Committee hears public testimony on the actual and potential impacts of international trade agreements and negotiations on Washington State and submits an annual report to the state trade representative's office and to the Legislature regarding the public testimony.
  • The Committee maintains active communication with the state trade representative's office, the United States Trade Representative's office, Washington's congressional delegation, the National Conference of State Legislatures, and any other bodies the Committee deems appropriate regarding ongoing developments in international trade agreements and policy. 
  • The Committee conducts an annual assessment of the impacts of international trade agreements upon Washington law and submits the report to the Legislature.
  • The Committee is authorized to examine any aspects of international trade, international economic integration, and trade agreements that the members deem appropriate.

Organization and Operations 

Meeting Dates and Materials

For general inquiries about this committee, please contact:

Office of Program Research at 360-786-7100 or Senate Committee Services at 360-786-7400.