Joint Administrative Rules Review Committee

Chapter 34.05 RCW


34.05.610 Joint administrative rules review committee--Members--Appointment--Terms--Vacancies.
34.05.620 Review of proposed rules--Notice.
34.05.630 Review of existing rules--Policy and interpretive statements, etc.--Notice--Hearing.
34.05.640 Committee objections to agency intended action--Statement in register and WAC--Suspension of rule.
34.05.650 Recommendations by committee to legislature.
34.05.655 Petition for review.
34.05.660 Review and objection procedures--No presumption established.
34.05.665 Submission of rule for review--State employees protected.
34.05.671 Reports--Advisory boards--Staff.
34.05.675 Inspection of properties--Oaths, subpoenas, witnesses, depositions.
34.05.681 Enforcement--Committee subpoena--Refusal to testify.