Joint Legislative Task Force on Water Resource Mitigation

Committee Members

Legislative Members
Member Chamber Room Phone
Tharinger, Steve (D)
House314 John L. O'Brien Building(564) 888-2366
Warnick, Judy (R)
Senate103 Irv Newhouse Building(360) 786-7624
Fitzgibbon, Joe (D)House320 John L. O'Brien Building(564) 888-2362
Honeyford, Jim (R)Senate112 Irv Newhouse Building(360) 786-7684
Liias, Marko (D)Senate309 Legislative Building(360) 786-7640
Maycumber, Jacquelin (R)House425B Legislative Building(360) 786-7908
Van De Wege, Kevin (D)Senate212 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7646
Walsh, Jim (R)House428 John L. O'Brien Building(360) 485-547

Non-Legislative Members
Member Organization and Position
Carlson, CarlaNorthwest Indian Fisheries Commission Representative
Christensen, DaveDepartment of Ecology, Program Development & Operations Support Section Manager
Garrity, MichaelDepartment of Fish & Wildlife, Water Policy Manager
Hunter, BobMunicipal Water Purveyors Representative
Mack, SarahBusiness Interests Representative
Pelly, LisaEnvironmental Advocacy Organizations Representative
Schroeder, CarlWashington Cities Representative
Sheffels, EvanDepartment of Agriculture, Senior Policy Adviser
Slothower, JeffFarming industry Representative
Wishart, BruceEnvironmental Advocacy Organizations Representative

Committee Staff

Staff Position Room Phone
Karen EppsSr. Staff Counsel431 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7424
Robert HatfieldCounsel232 John L. O'Brien Building(360) 786-7117
Rebecca LewisResearch Analyst235 John L. O'Brien Building(360) 786-7339
Michael LohnesCommittee Assistant243A John L. O'Brien Building(360) 786-7167
Alison RifferCommittee Assistant422 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7430