Legislative Ethics Board


The Board has determined that it will accept emailed complaint forms as well as those sent through the USPS. The Board is in the process of updating its rules to reflect this decision. Until those rules are amended, any person wishing to file a complaint against a legislator or legislative staff may do so by emailing the completed complaint form to Board Counsel at Jennifer.Strus@leg.wa.gov

Mission Statement

To fairly administer the Ethics Act and to always be aware of the long-term effects that Board decisions may have on the legislative branch of government and the public trust.

To emphasize training and the utilization of ethics advisers so that, whenever possible, questions may be addressed in an educational rather than a confrontational setting.​


Next Meeting:
​​January 17, 2022
Location: Virtual​​​
​​​​Via Zoom​​​

​​ New Rule Information
Rule 1: Procedures

Contact Information:
Jennifer Strus
Legislative Ethics Board
​Pritchard Building, Room 204
P.O. Box 40551
Olympia, WA 98504-0551
Phone: 360-786-7343