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Abbreviations and Acronyms​

Americans Disabilities Act pamphlet​​​

Bill Status (​Hard Copy by Subscription Only-Order Form) -- Online link

Capitol Campus Buildings Street Addresses

Citizen's Guide to Effective Participation

Citizen's Guide to Effective Participation (Espanol)

Citizen's Guide to K-12 Fin​​ancing

Citizen's Guide to Washington State Capital Budget, A

Citizen's Guide to Washington State Operating Budget, A

Constitution of the State of Washington ​​

District Maps Booklet (25 MB)

Elected Officials and Their Functions

Facts About the Legislative Building

Final Summary of Legislation Passed by the Washington State Legislature

Glossary of Legislative Terms

Glossary of Legislative Terms (Espanol)

Guide to Lawmaking

Guide to Participating In Washington State Legislature (Booklet)

Guide to Reading a Legislative Measure (Bill)

History of Legislative Session Dates​​​

History of the Washington Legislature 1854-1963

History of the Washington Legislature 1965-1982

History of Women in the Legislature

Housing Letter & Application

How A Bill Becomes a Law - Long Version

How a Bill Becomes a Law - Short Version

How a Bill Becomes a Law - Short Version (Espanol)

How to Testify in Committee

How to Testify in Committee (Espanol)

Initiative and Referenda Handbook​​​

Journals-House and Senate

Legislative Budget Notes

Legislative Guide to Washington's Tax Structure, A​

Legislative Manual (Red Book)

Map-Detailed Capitol Campus and State Capitol Parking Information

Map-Cherberg Building (JAC)

Map-Legislative Building (LEG)

Map-O'Brien Building (JLOB)

Member Database-House and Senate (Available Online)

Members of the Legislature-1889- 2019 

Overview of Legislative Process

Overview of Legislative Process (Espanol)

Overview of the Washington State Legislature

Pictorial Guide to the Legislature

Political Party​ Splits in the Legislature​​ ​

Poster - House Members

Poster - Sena​te Members

Reports to the Legislature ​

Rules - House andSenate

Statewide Legislative District Map with Members​​

State Capitol Building Brochure

Student Guide - K-5

Student Guide - Middle School and Teens

Symbols of Washington State

Toll Free Numbers- Washington State Agencies

Telephone Directory and Committee Assignments

Transportation Resource Manual

U.S. Constitution 

Understanding House and Senate Calendars

Washington State Coloring Book, The

Washington State Legislature

Washington State Organization Chart​

Washington State U.S. Congressional Members & State Elected Officials