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The last day the governor has to take action on bills is Saturday, March 30th, and the 90-day effective date is Thursday, June 6th. 

​Session Materials

Note: Historical documents can be found on the Historical Data, Stats, and Publications web page at http://leg.wa.gov/LIC/Pages/HistoricalDataStatsPubs.aspx.  

Lobbyist Pictorial Directory Available from the Public Dislosure Commission (PDC) website
Member Pictorial Guide ​PDF 2023
Telephone Directory and Committee AssignmentsPDF 2023​​
​Statistical SummaryPDF 2023 
PDF 2024
Governor Action On-line
​Bills Passed Legislature​​PDF
​Bills Passed Opposite ChamberPDF
Bills Passed Fiscal Committee - Opposite ChamberPDF
​Bills Passed Policy Committee - Opposite ChamberPDF​​
Bills Passed Chamber of Origin​​PDF
Bills Passed Fiscal Committee - Chamber of Origin

Bills Passed Policy Committee - Chamber of Origin ​​ PDF​​​​​

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