Office of State Legislative Labor Relations


​Office of State Legislative Labor Relations

​​The Office of State Legislative Labor Relations (OSLLR) is a nonpartisan legislative agency created to assist the Legislature implement and manage collective bargaining for legislative employees. The office was created during the 2022 legislative session by the passage of ESHB 2124. 

​OSLLR provided a preliminary report on December 1, 2022. A link to the preliminary report may be found in the Highlight Box. This report offers a preliminary review of legislative employee collective bargaining occurring in other states and the results of the 2022 legislative employee survey on collective bargaining. OSLLR’s final report is due October 1, 2023. The final report will examine mandatory, permissive, and prohibited subjects of bargaining, employer representation, bargaining unit determination, and approval and funding procedures for legislative employee collective bargaining agreements. The OSLLR will also consider common frameworks for grievance procedures and disciplinary actions. 

Collective bargaining with legislative employees cannot commence until May 1, 2024, and initial agreements cannot take effect until July 1, 2025.

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