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​Scholarship FAQ's

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How do I know if I qualify?
The scholarship is based on the 2020 federal guidelines for free and reduced price lunches. 

​Household Size​Annual Income​Monthly Income​Bi-Monthly Income​Weekly Income
​Add for each additional household member​+$8,177

How do I apply?
Applications are available in a .PDF format on the scholarship website. For verification purposes, applicants must supply a copy of the letter of approval issued by the school district after their free & reduced price lunch application is processed.  Districts can generate a copy at any time upon request. For students who do not participate in this program but still qualify, a copy of the benefits received from TANF, Basic Food/EBT, FDPIR, McKinney Vento Act or foster care can serve as an equivalent document.   

When is the deadline?
The session run from January through March in short sessions and January through April in long sessions.  Applications are accepted up until one month prior to the page’s scheduled workweek.

How will I know if I received a scholarship?
We will call each awardee to congratulate them on their scholarship and explain the process to their parent/guardian(s). 

How much is the scholarship amount?
A flat rate of $150 to assist with housing, food, clothing or coverage of daily commuting costs is the starting award amount.  The remainder of the scholarship will be determined by where the page is traveling from and can range from $0-$125.

Am I still eligible to earn a stipend?

Yes, pages will still earn the traditional $35/day stipend.

How will I receive the scholarship?
Recipients will receive a check on the Monday of their assigned page week.  They can then cash the check in the State Treasurer's office located on the Capitol Campus.

Does applying for the scholarship provide an advantage when being selected as a page?
Applying for the scholarship does not help or hurt an individual’s chances of being selected to the Page Program.

Whom do I contact with questions?
If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at leo.oleary@leg.wa.gov or (360) 786-7889.

Where do I send my application?
Applications can be sent to:

​Page Scholarship
Washington State House of Representatives
PO Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0600
​or​Page Scholarship
Washington State Senate
PO Box 40482
Olympia, WA 98504-0482