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The Washington State Senate is monitoring the impacts of COVID-19 closely to determine whether the Senate Page Program will be open for the 2022 legislative session. Please check back for program updates.  


The Washington State Legislature has one of the finest page programs in the country. Each year, hundreds of students from across Washington State have the opportunity to take part in the legislative process and observe the Legislature and other branches of state government in action. In order to serve as a Senate Page, participants must:

  • Have parent or guardian permission
  • Receive a recommendation from a teacher and your principal
  • Be at least 14 years of age and have not reached your 17th birthday
  • Provide a Social Security card in order to receive the page stipend of $35 per day. If you do not have a Social Security card, you are still able to participate without receiving the daily stipend. 

Pages are sponsored by legislators and serve for one week during the legislative session, which runs January-April in odd numbered years and January-March in even numbered years. Pages spend their week learning about the legislative process while distributing materials throughout the Capitol Campus, assisting offices, delivering messages, working on the Senate Floor, and presenting the colors at the opening of the day's legislative session. Pages also spend time each day in Page School learning about all aspects of state government.

What is it like serving as a Senate Page for the day? Check out this video to find out!

The Senate receives hundreds of page applications each year. Though we would like to accept all who apply, there are limited openings. To maximize the opportunity for all, our policy allows that you page one time only in either the Senate or the House of Representatives. Your application will not be accepted if you have paged for either chamber in the past.

If you are selected, you will receive a welcome letter and an informational packet addressing everything you need to know about serving as a Senate Page. The packet will arrive approximately four weeks before your start date and includes a page handbook, necessary forms, and information on housing, the page uniform, and orientation. Pages are scheduled up to two months ahead for the entire session. Please give careful consideration to the section of the application where you note weeks you cannot page. If you are selected and scheduled to page, we may not be able to accommodate a request to reschedule.  

It is an honor to be selected as a Senate page. If you are selected, you can look forward to a fun and educational experience that immerses you in the legislative process!


For information on financial assistance, please go to the Gina Grant Bull Scholarship page. For other information please see the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Senate Page Program staff.

The Senate Page Program welcomes students of all abilities and learning levels. We strive to create an environment that includes and respects cultural, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, and gender identity diversity. To speak with Senate Page Program staff about accomodations or how we can help facilitate a positive paging experience, please contact:  

Colleen Rust, Senate Civic Education Director
P.O. Box 40482
Olympia, WA 98504-0482
(360) 786-7016 or

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