Senate Administration


In 2023, the legislative session will return to an in-person format. Legislative buildings are open and capacity in legislative hearing rooms adjusted. Remote participation opportunities will continue. Please go to the House Operations and Senate Operations plans for more details. To view legislative proceedings click here for TVW. Please click here​ for more information about testifying in a committee, submitting written testimony, getting your position noted for the legislative record, and contacting your legislator.​
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​Office of the
Secretary of the Senate

(360) 786-7550
P.O. Box 40482
Olympia WA 98504-0482

Sarah Bannister
Secretary of the Senate

312 Legislative Bldg.
(360) 786-7550
Colleen Rust
Deputy Secretary of the Senate

310A Legislative Bldg.
(360) 786-7016​


Kim Johnson
Senate ​Committee Services

447 John A. Cherberg Bldg.
(360) 786-7472​
Kim Cushing
Deputy Director
Senate Committee Services

421 John A. Cherberg Bldg.
(360) 786-7421​

Office of Senate Counsel

Jeannie Gorrell
Senate Counsel

412 Legislative Bldg.
(360) 786-7514
Suchi Sharma​
Senate Counsel

412A Legislative Bldg.
(360) 786-7687​

Human Resource Officer

Alison Hellberg
401B Legislative Building
(360) 786-7583