​Public Records Request Information

*Pursuant to Governor’s Proclamation 20-28 (COVID-19), the in-person inspections of records and in-person submissions of requests have been suspended. Public record requests can still be submitted through this website. Additionally, Governor’s Proclamation 20-28 suspends the statutory five business day initial response timeline under RCW 42.56 for requests received by mail. Due to necessary staffing measures taken in response to the national public health crisis, please note that our Public Records Unit may not be able to provide requestors an initial response within five business days for those requests received by mail.

General questions do not require a public records request. You can get answers to general questions about the Washington State Legislature and the legislative process by calling Legislative Information at (360)-786-7573.

Senate Public Records Policy

Randi Stratton is the designated Public Records Officer for the Secretary of the Senate and Senate members. You must request records from the Secretary of the Senate or from individual Senators' offices through the designated public records officer. Records may be requested through the online records request center or you may send a printed request to:

Randi Stratton, Senate Public Records Officer
Washington State Senate
P.O. Box 40482
Olympia, WA 98504-0482

Phone: (360)-786-7373

Many of our Legislative records and information are already made available online:

For information about a specific bill, please visit the Bill Information page of our website.

For Legislative committee information, please visit the Legislative Committees page of our website.