​How to Create and Send a Comment on a Bill

 The following steps describe how to complete the bill comment form:

  1. Type your street address, including street, city, and zip in the Verify your legislative district  section, then click Verify District. The applicable district is verified and displayed under the button. All address fields are required.

    We ask for your address because it allows the members to see how the constituents in their district feel about the bill. 

  2. Enter your contact information, including first and last name, email address, and phone number in the next set of fields. After entering your email address, enter it a second time in the Confirm Email  field.

    We've found that re-entering the email address eliminates most incorrect email entries.      

  3. Click the Position button that reflects your opinion on the bill, then enter your bill comment (text only).

  4. Click Submit Form to send your comment to the database for all legislators to review. 

  5. After you click Submit Form, a confirmation page displays the information you entered. If you wish to have a printed record of your comment, click Print this page to access a print version of the acknowledgement.