​How to Create and Send a Message to a Legislator

​If you wish to send a general comment on a bill, it is better to generate a bill comment instead of sending a member email. To access the Bill Comment form, click Bill Information from the public site, enter the applicable bill number in the Search by Bill Number field, then click Search. When the bill history opens, click Comment on this bill to the right of the status at a glance.

The following steps describe how to complete and send a message to a legislative member:

1. Navigate to the Web Email Form:

  • From the Representatives or Senators page, navigate to the member you wish to contact, then click Email. The Member Email form opens, or
  • From the Member Information / Rosters web page, click the chamber of the member you wish to contact to open the Members E-mail List, then click the member's Name. The Member Email form opens.

2. Type your street address, including street, city, and zip in the Verify your legislative district section, then click Verify District. All address fields are required. The applicable district is verified and displayed under the button.   

3. The Member Email system displays different options depending on whether your residence is within the member’s district:

  • If you are within the district, the system displays the district number.
  • If you are not within the legislator’s district, you have three options:
    • I think the system made a mistake and I am in the legislator’s district;
    • I am not in the legislator’s district and still wish to send an email (e.g., contacting a committee chair); or,
    • I made an error and meant to send to a legislator in my district. The system allows you to email one of the legislators that correspond to the address you entered.

4. Enter your contact information, including first and last name, email address, and phone number in the next set of fields. Enter your email address a second time in the Confirm Email field. We have found that re-entering the email address eliminates most incorrect email entries.


5. Type your message to the legislator in the required Subject and Message fields.

If you would also like to include a comment on a bill, enter the bill number, then click Find Bill to display the bill’s description. If you wish, click the button that supports your position on the bill (Support/Oppose/Neutral). 


6. Indicate whether you would like a response from the legislator (Yes/No).

  • If you click Yes and you are in the legislator’s district, you may also send a copy of your email to the other legislators in the district.
  • If you click No, your message will send to the designated legislator.

7. Click Submit Form to send your message to the selected members.

8. After you submit the email, a confirmation page displays the information you entered. If you wish to have a printed record of your comment, click Print this page to access a print version of the acknowledgement.