State Capitol Campus Parking Information

There are many ways to reach the State Capitol in Olympia, Washington. For those traveling by car, parking options are listed below.  For the latest information on parking lot closures or changes, visit the Department of Enterprise Services parking page.

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From I-5 Southbound: Take "Exit 105 to State Capitol", keep left for Exit 105A, and continue .8 miles to the roundabout at Jefferson Avenue.  Continue straight  through the roundabout and under the tunnel to Capitol Blvd.  Continue across Capitol Blvd to the Capitol Building on Sid Snyder Ave SW (14th Ave becomes Sid Snyder Ave).

From I-5 Northbound: From I-5 Northbound: Take Exit 105 and bear left for the State Capitol/City Center exit. Cross over Interstate 5 and continue .3mi to the roundabout at Jefferson Ave.  Continue straight through the roundabout and under the tunnel to Capitol Blvd.  Continue across Capitol Blvd to the Capitol Building on Sid Snyder Ave SW (14th Ave becomes Sid Snyder Ave).

For more information, call the Department of Enterprise Services office at (360) 902-8880.

Public transportation is also an option even after you've parked your car, and the local bus service (Intercity Transit) in Olympia offers many low-cost routes to the Capitol Campus and other state buildings. Intercity Transit also coordinates with connecting transportation systems in neighboring counties. Following are links to those public transit systems. If you have further questions about public transportation routes to the Capitol Campus or other state buildings, please contact the transit system as listed at the web site:

  ​ Detailed Map of Capitol Campus (PDF)

There are six parking locations available for visitors to the Capitol:​

1. North and South Diagonal Parking located along the North and South Diagonal streets on the Capitol Campus. The North Diagonal has 53 stalls. The South Diagonal has 30 stalls. There is a $2.00 per hour charge.

2. Capitol Campus Visitor Parking at Maple Park Avenue and Jefferson Street has 51 stalls. There is a $2.00 per hour charge.

3. General Administration Building located at 11th Avenue and Columbia Street has 41 visitor parking stalls on the west side (facing Capitol Lake) of the building. There is a $2.00 per hour charge. ​ ​

4. Natural Resources Visitor Parking Lot off Washington Street has 179 stalls. There is a $2.00 per hour charge.

​​​ 5. Capitol Campus Visitor Parking in the Plaza Garage at Maple Park and the only stop light on Maple Park has 39 stalls. There is a $2.00 per hour charge.

6. Deschutes Parkway. Intercity Transit serves Deschutes Parkway weekdays every 15 minutes. Other bus routes operate throughout the region and serve the Olympia Transit Center where passengers can transfer to Route 42 bus line for service to the Capitol Campus. For route and schedule information, call (360) 786-1881 or visit www.intercitytransit.comThere is no fee to ride Intercity Transit buses

[ accessibility for visitors ] Persons with Disabilities: Those needing auxiliary aids or services for purposes of attending hearings or participating in other legislative activities should call the House of Representatives at (360) 786-7271 or the Senate at (360) 786-7189 for further information. 1-800-833-6384 (TTY voice), 711 (TTY).

Civic Education Tour School Buses
Parking is available near the Legislative (Capitol) Building for school buses bringing groups who are participating in a Civic Education Tour through the Visitor Services program. School bus parking is located on the South Diagonal, just off Capitol Way.

Your tour guide will meet the school bus. If you arrive early, please contact Visitor Services at (360) 902-8880.

All Other Buses (Including buses bringing groups for other tours and event buses)
Tour buses and those used for special events are not allowed to park on the Capitol Campus without prior approval from the Visitor Services Program.

These buses should unload at Winged Victory Monument, by pulling up to the curb so that they do not block traffic. Once unloaded, the buses should proceed to the parking area along Deschutes Parkway next to Capitol Lake. The buses should return to the Winged Victory Monument for pick-up shortly before departure time.

Special Needs - Buses that need special accommodations can drop off and load at the southeast corner of the Legislative Building. No waiting is allowed at this location and drivers must park in either handicapped parking or on Deschutes Parkway.

*DES Visitor Services Program
Legislative Bldg Room 111
(360) 902-8880
Capitol Campus Parking: https://des.wa.gov/services/fleet-vehicles-parking/parking-services/visitor-parking-capitol-campus​