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Infrastructure Services

Servers, Databases,Networks, Email, Voice Systems, Security, Operating Systems

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Application Development Services

Application Development & Support, Requirements & Analysis, Internal & External Websites

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Direct Customer Support

Workgroup Dedicated Support, Help Desk, Training, Printers, Hearing Room & Chamber Floor Support

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Infrastructure Services

Servers, Databases, Email, Security, Networks, Workstations, Procurement, Voice Systems, Accounts

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App Development Services

Application Development & Support, Analysis, Testing, Project & Portfolio Management

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Direct Customer Support

Workgroup Dedicated Support, Training & Documentation, Help Desk, Maintenance & Repair

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Legislative Service Center

The Legislative Service Center provides information technology solutions and services to the Washington State Legislature.

LEG-TECH is Committed To:

Providing the IT infrastructure used by legislative agencies for law-making, research, communication, administrative and accounting responsibilities

Increasing public participation and understanding in the legislative process

Evaluating and improving LSC's operations to support the efficiency and effectiveness of the Legislature

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Stay Connected

LEG-TECH helps foster communication between constituents and legislators by maintaining member emails, Hotline and public bill comments. We provide seamless, secure integration with legislative technology so members can connect with constituents in-district. 

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