Guaranteed Education Tuition Program (GET)


OSA assists the Committee on Advanced Tuition Payment and College Savings (WA529 Committee) and the Washington State Legislature by providing actuarial services and consulting concerning the GET Program. OSA’s three primary services include:

  • Prepare annual actuarial measurements of GET for the WA529 Committee.

  • Prepare unit price-setting analysis for the WA529 Committee.

  • Consult, price, and communicate the effects of potential changes to the GET program for the WA529 Committee or the Legislature.

More information about the GET program can be found on the WA529 website.

Recent Actuarial Reports

  2023 GET Actuarial Valuation Report  [3.5 Mb]

  2022 GET Actuarial Valuation Report  [2.8 Mb]

Recent OSA Presentations

  2023 GET Unit Price Setting  [720 Kb]

  2022 GET Unit Price Setting  [744 Kb]

Historical Actuarial Reports

  2021 GET Actuarial Valuation Report  [2.8 Mb]

  Actuarial Audit on 2021 Valuation, Experience Study, and Unit Price Setting  [376 Kb]

  2021 GET Experience Study  [1.2 Mb]

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Last Reviewed: 11/29/2023

Last Updated: 11/29/2023