Purpose of Webpage

The current member and employer contribution rates are scheduled to be collected through the 2021-23 Biennium. The contributions are collected by the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) and the current (and historical) contribution rates are available on the DRS Website.

To help employers with budgetary planning, we projected contribution rates for the next two biennia (2023-25 and 2025-27).


Our office calculates projected future contribution rates based on the most recent Projections Model (2020 Valuation Projections Model). The assumptions, methods, data, and assets used in this model are summarized on our Projections Model and Assumptions webpage. Actual contribution rates will rely on observed data and assets consistent with the timing displayed in the Contribution Rate Setting Process table displayed below.


This webpage contains our Best Estimate for projected rates. The Best Estimate represents contribution rates if future experience matches our expectations. Given that future experience is unlikely to precisely match our expectations, we also provided a range for how the second biennium’s projected rates could look under varying investment return experience.

Please note that the Projected Contribution Rates table can be limited because it displays projected rates under a range of varying Investment Returns but does not include other forms of sensitivity. Other factors can impact projected rates, such as experience not matching demographic projections, changes to assumptions/methodology, changes to plan provisions, or the Legislature adopting different contribution rates.

We prepared the Projected Contribution Rates webpage to assist employers in budget planning by providing estimates for future contribution rates. Use of these projected rates for other reasons may not be appropriate. We believe the set of actuarial assumptions, methods, data, and assets used are reasonable but use of another set may also be reasonable and might produce different results. We expect this webpage will be updated during fall of each year when a new Projections Model is developed. Any previous versions of this webpage will become outdated when we update the projected contribution rates found here and we advise you to not rely on the outdated results. Kyle Stineman (ASA, MAAA) meets the Qualification Standards of the American Academy of Actuaries; he served as the reviewing and responsible actuary for the Projected Contribution Rates webpage.

Projected Contribution Rates

For applicable retirement systems, the employer contributions are expected to decline as soon as PERS Plan 1 and TRS Plan 1 attain a 100 percent funded ratio. In other words, the Plan 1 Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability (UAAL) contributions cease once the plan no longer has an expected UAAL. Based on the 2020 Valuation Projections Model, we expect TRS Plan 1 and PERS Plan 1 will attain 100 percent funding in fiscal years 2023 and 2025, respectively. However, the expected pay-off date of the UAAL can increase (or decrease) each measurement when actual experience varies from our expectations. Future legislation can also change the expected pay-off date of either plan.


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Last Updated: 12/17/2021