Starting in 2023, separate communications were prepared for the Economic Experience Study and Report on Financial Condition (RFC). The RFC is now prepared as a presentation.

Please also see the SCPP website for a selection of publications completed by our office for the Select Committee on Pension Policy.
We perform regular reviews of all demographic and economic assumptions to ensure they remain reasonable. When applicable, we will update or recommend changes to these assumptions. We generally produce a demographic experience study report every six years, and an economic experience study (EES) every two years. Along with the EES, we prepare a Report on Financial Condition (RFC) which summarizes the overall health of the State Retirement Systems.

The 2016 Risk Assessment Study highlights and analyzes the assumptions we rely on for the Risk Assessment.

This page also provides access to non-standard studies of interest as well as a link to presentations we have provided recently to various committees, agencies, and stakeholder groups.