Senate Ways & Means Committee


The Senate Ways and Means Committee considers the operating and capital budget bills and related legislation, including the authorization of state debt.  The committee also deals with tax policy and other fiscal issues such as pension policy and compensation in addition to bills with operating budget fiscal impacts.

Senate Ways and Means Committee staff are part of Senate Committee Services, the organization which provides nonpartisan staff services for all standing committees of the Washington State Senate.

 (Please note: This general description should not be considered the definitive listing of issues considered by this committee.)

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Citizen's Guides to the State Budget

These guides are a ​resource for citizens, members of the Senate, their staff, and other interested persons to provide a clear and simple overview of the state budget and state revenues.

Citizen's Guide to the Operating Budget

Citizens Guide to the Capital Budget​

Citizen's G​uide to K-12 Finance ​​

Citizen's Guide to Washington's Tax Structure

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