Joint Transportation Committee


Columbia River Crossing Oversight Subcommittee


Quarter 4 Report from WSDOT   

Columbia River Crossing Oversight Subcommittee Summary of Work

Past Meetings & Materials:  

CRC Oversight Subcommittee Meeting:
December 10, 2012
WSDOT SW Region Offices
Vancouver, WA
Maps, Graphics & Timeline  
Responses to Tiffany Couch:
   - PSC and Open Public Meetings 
   - Contracts and Task Order   
   - Ruby Junction and Steel Bridge  
Quarterly Report  
FTA Letter to Larry Smith  
CRC Subcommittee Wrap-Up  
What We Learned by Rep. Clibborn  
Q&A from Dec. 10 Meeting  
Tri-Met Q&A    
Q&A from Senator King  

Links to meeting videos:

CRC Quarterly Report - September 2012  

CRC Oversight Subcommittee​​ Meeting:
October 9, 2012
WSDOT SW Region Offices
Vancouver, WA
Presentation - WSDOT Secretary Paula Hammond     
Tolling Matrix  
Funding Timeline  
Bridge Height Graphics  
Vancouver Business Journal article  
Bridge Height Work Plan  
Coast Guard Response Letter  
Q & A from CRC Staff
Notes from Armstrong meeting with USCG   
Notes from meeting with Peter Rogoff & CRC Oversight Subcommittee     
Q& A follow-up from October 9th meeting   

Links to meeting videos:

CRC Oversight Subcommittee Meeting:
August 20, 2012
WSDOT SW Region Offices
Vancouver, WA
Presentation - WSDOT Sec. Paula Hammond  
Federal News Release - We Can't Wait Article     
Office of the Governor - News Release  
Combined Memo Workplan  
Project Timeline and Process   

Links to meeting videos:

CRC Oversight Subcommittee Meeting:
June 19, 2012 (10:00 am- 5:00 pm)
Vancouver City Hall   
Council Chambers
CRC Oversight Subcommittee Membership  
Draft Operating Procedures  
Draft Meeting Schedule  
WSDOT CRC Presentation - Secretary Paula Hammond  
Oregon Senator Lee Beyer presentation        

Links to meeting videos:

Bus Tour Handouts:
Tour Itinerary     
Project Area Aerial Map   
Port of Portland Business Results & Economic Impact  
Impact on Oregon Business   
Port of Vancouver   

Background Project Information
The following background information was provided to committee members prior to their first meeting:

Section 1. Oversight Committee

  • Summary of ESSB 6445
  • 2012 Columbia River Crossing budget provisos
  • Previous legislative action

Section 2. History of the Project

  • Origin and development timeline
  • Project overview and history

Section 3. Project Description

  • Purpose and need (Excerpt from 2011 CRC Final Environmental Impact Statement)
  • Project fact sheet
  • Project area map
  • Schedule

Section 4. Cost and Financing

  • Project construction cost estimates and fund sources
  • Finance plan summary
  • Funding schedule timeline
  • FTA New Starts process
  • Memo: Review of public testimony to Oregon Legislative Oversight Committee
  • Quarterly financial report - March 2012
  • Oregon State Treasurer Review of Finance Plan
  • 2010 Tolling Report
  • SR 520 Investment Grade Study (Table of contents)

Section 5. Transportation

  • Safety benefits overview fact sheet
  • Economic benefits overview fact sheet
  • Travel origin and destination information

Presentation to JTC Meeting on April 18, 2012:  
CRC Legislative Oversight Subcommittee Overview