Joint Transportation Committee


Columbia River Crossing Oversight Subcommittee

 A six-member oversight subcommittee will coordinate with the Oregon legislative oversight committee to review project and financing information for the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project. WSDOT will report to the oversight committee at each meeting, on the following:
· Cost estimates
· Rights of way purchases and procurement schedules
· Financing plans, including projected traffic volumes, fuel and gas price assumptions, toll rates, costs of toll collections, and the potential need for general transportation funding.
By January 1, 2013, WSDOT shall provide the oversight committee a phased master plan for the project.
Oversight subcommittee members include:
· Two legislators appointed by the Senate Transportation Committee chair and ranking member
· Two legislators appointed by the House Transportation Committee chair and ranking member
· One member appointed by the Governor
· A citizen who lives in the area served by the bridge, appointed jointly by the four JTC members
At least two of the legislators must be from legislative districts served by the bridge.
JTC Staff: Mary Fleckenstein, lead; Beth Redfield, back-up
HTC & STC Staff: Christie Parker; David Munnecke & Clint McCarthy​

Quarter 4 Report from WSDOT   

Columbia River Crossing Oversight Subcommittee Summary of Work

Past Meetings & Materials:  

CRC Oversight Subcommittee Meeting:
December 10, 2012
WSDOT SW Region Offices
Vancouver, WA
Maps, Graphics & Timeline  
Responses to Tiffany Couch:
   - PSC and Open Public Meetings 
   - Contracts and Task Order   
   - Ruby Junction and Steel Bridge  
Quarterly Report  
FTA Letter to Larry Smith  
CRC Subcommittee Wrap-Up  
What We Learned by Rep. Clibborn  
Q&A from Dec. 10 Meeting  
Tri-Met Q&A    
Q&A from Senator King  

Links to meeting videos:

CRC Quarterly Report - September 2012  

CRC Oversight Subcommittee​​ Meeting:
October 9, 2012
WSDOT SW Region Offices
Vancouver, WA
Presentation - WSDOT Secretary Paula Hammond     
Tolling Matrix  
Funding Timeline  
Bridge Height Graphics  
Vancouver Business Journal article  
Bridge Height Work Plan  
Coast Guard Response Letter  
Q & A from CRC Staff
Notes from Armstrong meeting with USCG   
Notes from meeting with Peter Rogoff & CRC Oversight Subcommittee     
Q& A follow-up from October 9th meeting   

Links to meeting videos:

CRC Oversight Subcommittee Meeting:
August 20, 2012
WSDOT SW Region Offices
Vancouver, WA
Presentation - WSDOT Sec. Paula Hammond  
Federal News Release - We Can't Wait Article     
Office of the Governor - News Release  
Combined Memo Workplan  
Project Timeline and Process   

Links to meeting videos:

CRC Oversight Subcommittee Meeting:
June 19, 2012 (10:00 am- 5:00 pm)
Vancouver City Hall   
Council Chambers
CRC Oversight Subcommittee Membership  
Draft Operating Procedures  
Draft Meeting Schedule  
WSDOT CRC Presentation - Secretary Paula Hammond  
Oregon Senator Lee Beyer presentation        

Links to meeting videos:

Bus Tour Handouts:
Tour Itinerary     
Project Area Aerial Map   
Port of Portland Business Results & Economic Impact  
Impact on Oregon Business   
Port of Vancouver   

Background Project Information
The following background information was provided to committee members prior to their first meeting:

Section 1. Oversight Committee

  • Summary of ESSB 6445
  • 2012 Columbia River Crossing budget provisos
  • Previous legislative action

Section 2. History of the Project

  • Origin and development timeline
  • Project overview and history

Section 3. Project Description

  • Purpose and need (Excerpt from 2011 CRC Final Environmental Impact Statement)
  • Project fact sheet
  • Project area map
  • Schedule

Section 4. Cost and Financing

  • Project construction cost estimates and fund sources
  • Finance plan summary
  • Funding schedule timeline
  • FTA New Starts process
  • Memo: Review of public testimony to Oregon Legislative Oversight Committee
  • Quarterly financial report - March 2012
  • Oregon State Treasurer Review of Finance Plan
  • 2010 Tolling Report
  • SR 520 Investment Grade Study (Table of contents)

Section 5. Transportation

  • Safety benefits overview fact sheet
  • Economic benefits overview fact sheet
  • Travel origin and destination information

Presentation to JTC Meeting on April 18, 2012:  
CRC Legislative Oversight Subcommittee Overview