Joint Transportation Committee

​Review of WSDOT's Implementation of Design-Build Project Delivery

2ESSB 5997, Sec 3 directs the Joint Transportation Committee to conduct a design-build contracting review study to examine WSDOT's implementation and use of design-build, to maximize cost and schedule efficiencies and ensure that risk is borne by the appropriate party.  $450,000 for the study is appropriated in the new-law transportation budget, 2ESSB 5988, Sec. 201.  The study will be conducted with a panel of experts including a consultant and at least two nationally recognized design-build experts, and representatives from the Association of General Contractors, the American Council of Engineering Contractors, the Professional and Technical Employees Local 17, and WSDOT.  The report is due by December 1, 2016.
Budget: $450,000
JTC Staff: Mary Fleckenstein and Beth Redfield
HTC and STC Staff: Alyssa Ball and David Munnecke, Kim Johnson
Report due date: December 1, 2016   

Final Report, Review of WSDOT's Implementation of Design-Build Project Delivery, December 2016  

Presented at JTC Meeting on 11/10/16:
Design-Build Study Draft Final Report      
Design-Build Study Presentation  

Presented at JTC Meeting on 7/21/16:
Design-Build presentation   
Draft Recommendations and Preliminary Implementation Strategies   
Draft Summary of Recommendations   
Implementation Roadmap-WSDOT DB Recommendations  

Presented to HTC & STC on 2/1/16:
Design-Build Study   

Presented at JTC Meeting on 10/22/15:  
Design-Build Study  

Task 1 White Paper, Basic Overview of Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build  

Task 2 Final Best Practices White Paper   

Task 2 Florida DB Summary
Task 2 Maryland DB Summary
Task 2 Minnesota DB Summary
Task 2 Missouri DB Summary
Task 2 MTO Summary Final
Task 2 North Carolina DB Summary
Task 2 Ohio DB Summary
Task 2 Oregon DB Summary
Task 2 Texas DB Summary
Task 2 Utah DB Summary
Task 2 Virginia DB Summary  

Task 3 White Paper, Evaluate WSDOT's Current Use of DB Project Delivery  

Task 3 HQ Program Summary Final
Task 3 Project Summaries
Task 3 Updated WSDOT Industry Interviews

Task 4 Benchmarking WSDOT to Best Practices with Recommendations        

Task 5 Recomm​​endations & Preliminary Implementation Strategies