Joint Transportation Committee
Federal Funds Expenditure Study

A study group will evaluate the effectiveness, transparency and priorities by which WSDOT spends federal transportation funds. The study group shall:
· Recommend ways to increase transparency in the programming of federal funds
· Evaluate assumptions used to predict future federal funds and their programming between different federal programs
· Develop a process to link statewide priorities to distribution of federal funds from project savings and redistributed federal funds from other states
· Develop process to incorporate stakeholder feedback in developing federal grant and loan applications
Study group members include:
· Local FHWA representatives
Report due date: December 16, 2012​
JTC Staff: Beth Redfield, lead; Mary Fleckenstein, back-up
HTC Staff: Christie Parker, Mark Matteson and Jerry Long
STC Staff: Clint McCarthy

Federal Transportation Funds Effectiveness and Transparency Final Report

Draft Report (presented at JTC meeting on 11/14/12)

Governor's MAP-21 Steering Committee documents
Meetings held 9/17/12 and 9/25/12
Steering Committee Letter to the Governor   
MAP-21 Background Presentation to the Steering Committee   
Steering Committee Decision Framework   
Crosswalk of SAFETEA-LU and MAP 21

WSDOT White Papers on Federal Programs:
    NHPP White Paper 
    HSIP White Paper    
    CMAQ White Paper    
    STP White Paper    
    Transportation Alternatives White Paper

Other Supporting documents:
    MAP-21 Performance Measures    
    Enhanced NHP map Puget Sound    
    Enhanced NHP map State    
    Safe Routes to Schools background    
    Steering Committee Q&A   

Meeting #3, July 18, 2012
JTC Meeting #3 July 18
FFY 2012 Milestones  
3rd Meeting Reference Document #1  
3rd Meeting Reference Document #2  

Meeting #2, June 18, 2012
FHWA Overview     
Federal Planning Process     
WSDOT Federal Discretionary Grants     

Meeting #1, May 23, 2012
Federal Funds 101:
JTC Meeting #1 May 23 Presentation  
JTC Reference Document  
JTC Meeting #1 Source Documents

Presentation to JTC Meeting on April 18, 2012:
Fed Funds Study Overview


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