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​​​Encouraging High Consumption Fuel Users to switch to EV ​

​Encouraging High Consumption Fuel Users to Use Electric Vehicles

The Washington State Legislature directed the Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) to study strategies encouraging high consumption fuel users (HCFU) to switch to electric vehicles.  About 10% of drivers are HCFUs but, according to studies, these drivers account for over 30% of emissions.

Reducing emissions by encouraging HCFUs to switch to electric vehicles would help meet state emission goals in RCW 70A.45.020.  The study will inform policymakers on factors effecting consumer decisions to switch to electric vehicles and evaluate potential policies to help encourage this transition for HCFUs.

The Legislature's study tasks include:

  • Background data:
    • Which HCFUs can switch to EVs?
    • How much money would those users save?
    • How many gallons of fuel would be displaced?
  • Consumer choice data and analysis:
    • HCFUs attitudes and perception of EVs;
    • Perceived barriers to HCFU adoption of EVs;
    • Identifying effective messages to encourage the transition;
    • Identifying policies to encourage the transition.

​The study report must be completed by July 1, 2023.   

Presented at JTC Meeting 11-15-22:
Encouraging High Mileage Drivers to Buy EV's Study Update   

Presented at JTC Meeting 6-20-23:    
Electric Vehicle Incentives for High Consumption Fuel Users Presentation​          

Encouraging High-Consumption Fuel Users to Use Electric Vehicles Final Report​     


​If you have questions about this study, please contact:

Paul Neal, JTC Staff,

Jeff Doyle, Consultant,