Joint Transportation Committee
LNG as Ferry Fuel

This study will investigate the use of liquid natural gas(LNG) for fuel on Washington state ferry vessels -- existing vessels, as well as the planned 144-car class vessels. The study will address the fuel consumption benefit of LNG compared with diesel; Coast Guard regulations for storage and transport of LNG; security risks and strategies to reduce risk; the impact of LNG on vessel performance, including vessel speeds; and marine insurance costs, and capital cost associated with utilizing LNG on vessels.
Budget: $100,000
Consultant: Cedar River Group, John Boylston and Marine Service
Schedule: Consultant estimated to begin work in early August; late December completion date.
JTC Staff: Mary Fleckenstein
HTC and STC Staff: Mark Matteson, Debbie Driver and Kelly Simpson​    

LNG Final Report - January 2012  

LNG Final Report Executive Summary - January 2012

Materials from January 4, 2012 JTC Meeting:
Ferry LNG Study Draft Final Report

Materials from December 7, 2011 JTC Meeting:
Evaluating the Use of Liquefied Natural Gas presentation
DRAFT Final Report - LNG Study

Staff Workgroup Meeting - November 21, 2011
LNG Study Draft White Paper  
Fjord 1 Notes  
Norway Tide Sjo Notes  
WSF - Issaquah LNG Fuel Conversion  
WSF - 144 Ferry LNG Fuel 

Materials from October 19, 2011 JTC Meeting:
LNG White Paper - DRAFT  
LNG Study presentation

Staff Workgroup Meeting - October 14, 2011

Staff Workgroup Meeting - August 18, 2011
Technical Approach  
LNG as a Fuel for Vessels - Some Design Notes  
Zero Emissions Vessels Paper-August 2010  
LNG Study Status Report
JTC LNG Study Schedule