Joint Transportation Committee


​Public-Private Partnership (P3) Work Group

​​The 2023-25 Transportation Budget (Sec. 204 (2)) directs the JTC, in collaboration with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), to convene a Work Group to study and recommend a new statutory framework that seeks to balance the public and private interests for WSDOT's public-private partnership program. The Work Group will review the 2012 JTC P3 report findings; update the 2012 materials and recommendations; draft a rewrite of the Washington State P3 transportation laws; and review specific opportunities for P3 outlined in the study proviso.

The Work Group will include a representative for each of the following entities/groups:

  • Joint Transportation Committee Executive Committee Members (or designees)
  • Secretary of Transportation (or designee)
  • State Treasurer (or designee)
  • Representative of a national nonprofit organization specializing in public-private partnership program development
  • Representative of the construction trades
  • Representative from an organization representing general contractors.
For this study the JTC has contracted with a consulting team led by CDM Smith. The Work Group must submit a preliminary report by December 15, 2023; the final report is due to the transportation committees of the legislature and governor's office by June 30, 2024.

Presented at JTC Meeting 10-9-23:
Public-Private Partnership Work Group Overview and Update     

Presented at JTC Meeting 1-4-24:
Public-Private Partnership (P3) Work Group    

Presented at JTC Meeting 5-14-24:    

Work Group Meeting 1, September 21, 2023

Work Group Meeting 2, October 20, 2023   
Follow-up to Meeting 1 questions​   
Briefing book Part 2 (pre-read)    
Meeting agenda    
Meeting presentation     

Work Group Meeting 3, December 8, 2023   
Follow-up to Meeting 2 questions   

Work Group Meeting 4, April 29, 2024   
Meeting agenda    
Meeting presentation    
P3 Framework & Work Group Summary​     

Work Group Meeting 5, June 18, 2024        
Meeting agenda
Meeting presentation​   

JTC Public-Private Partnership (P3) Work Group study, 2024 - Final deliverables   


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