Joint Transportation Committee
Public Transportation Fiscal Health

The JTC and legislative staff shall research the fiscal health of Washington's public transportation system, and compare that to the state transportation system.
The study shall evaluate changes in the fiscal and operational status of public transportation entities over the last 15 years, and compare the aggregate funding for public transportation system with that of state funding for transportation.
Report due date: December 1, 2012
JTC Staff: Gene Baxstrom, lead; Mary Fleckenstein, back-up
HTC & STC Staff: Mark Matteson, David Munnecke & Hayley Gamble    ‚Äč

Public Transportation Fiscal Health Final Report

Presented at 12/5/12 JTC Meeting:
Draft Report Public Transit Fiscal Health Study - December 2012          

Presented at 11/14/12 JTC Meeting: 
Public Transit Fiscal Health Study Update
Draft Report Public Transit Fiscal Health Study - November 2012     

Draft Evaluation of Public Transportation's Fiscal Health in Washington