Joint Transportation Committee
Resources for Cost Efficiencies Study

·         House Transportation Committee February 18, 2013, work session on Cost Drivers 
·         The Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation, Final Report 
·         Cost Estimating Manual for WSDOT Projects
·         WSDOT Construction Cost Trends
·         Gray Notebook Construction Program Performance Reporting

Practical Design/"Right Sizing"
·         State DOT Manuals
·         General Reviews

Public Private Partnerships
·         JTC P3 Study (Public Private Partnerships):

·         WSDOT Methods of Delivery presentations 2011 (Recruitment and Retention)
·         WSDOT Reports on Alternative Delivery Procedures for Construction Services, December 2004 and February 2007 (increased use of private contractors)
·         LNI Apprenticeship Fact Sheet:

·         HTC presentation on a Regional Stormwater Monitoring Program for Puget Sound, January 25, 2012 (Stormwater permit compliance)
·         General mitigation, WSDOT Cost case studies (2003, 2006, 2009, 2013):
·         Wetland Mitigation banking:  WSDOT mitigation banking webpage
o   DOT may also use private mitigation banks certified by the Department of Ecology: Ecology Wetland Mitigation webpage
·         Wetlands Regulations:
·         Permit Streamlining, TPEAC information on the Office of Regulatory Assistance website:

Prevailing Wage
·      National Conference of State Legislatures state-by-state comparisons
            Prevailing Wage Studies    
      o Prevailing Wages    
      o Prevailing Wage Thresholds   

Sales Tax
 ·     WA Department of Revenue background information on federal contracts   
            o Federal contractor concern