Joint Transportation Committee

Vehicle Licensing Study 

ESSB 5024, Sec 204(2) directs JTC to coordinate a workgroup to identify possible issues relating the administration of, compliance with, and enforcement of the 2010 law requiring a person to provide an unexpired driver's license when registering a vehicle (RCW 46.16A.050).
The workgroup will include representatives from the Departments of Licensing and Revenue, county auditors or agents and subagents, as well as legislative Transportation Committee staff. The workgroup will recommend whether changes are needed in the administration and enforcement of current law, identify those changes, and draft any statutory amendments needed to implement them.
Report due date: December 31, 2013
Budget: Existing funds​
JTC Staff: Gene Baxstrom, lead; Mary Fleckenstein, back-up
HTC & STC Staff: Jerry Long, Amy Skei and Amanda Cecil

Vehicle Licensing Study Work Group Meeting
August 15, 2013 (10:00 am - 2:00 pm)
Joint Transportation Committee Office, Olympia
Conference room
Meeting Attendees  
Study Reference--RCW      
Study Working Draft    

Presented to JTC on November 19, 2013:
Study on Requirement for Unexpired Driver's License to Register Vehicle 
Draft Report - November 19, 2013 

Presented to JTC on January 8, 2013:
Final Draft Report on Requirement for Unexpired Driver's License Study    

Final Report on Requirement for Unexpired Driver's License Study