Joint Transportation Committee

Surplus Property 

ESSB 5024, Sec 204(5) directs JTC to study and review the use of surplus property proceeds to fund facility replacement projects, and the possibility of using WSDOT's north central region as a pilot region. JTC will consult with WSDOT and OFM regarding WSDOT's current process for prioritizing and funding facility replacement and improvement projects.
Budget: Existing funds
JTC Staff: Gene Baxstrom, lead; Mary Fleckenstein, back-up
HTC & STC Staff: Jerry Long, Amy Skei and Hayley Gamble‚Äč

Presented at JTC Meeting on 7/24/13:  
Study Outline     

Draft Report - 12/12/13   

Presented at JTC Meeting on 1/8/14:
WSDOT Surplus Property Study Draft Report   

WSDOT Surplus Property Study Report - January 8, 2014