Joint Transportation Committee
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Refinance Study

ESSB 5024, Sec 204(4) directs the JTC to convene a work group to identify and evaluate internal refinance opportunities for the Tacoma Narrows bridge. Members of the workgroup include staff from the Office of Financial Management, the Transportation Commission, WSDOT, the State Treasurer's office, and the House and Senate Transportation Committees. A report of findings is due in December.
Report due date: December, 2013
Budget: Existing funds
JTC Staff: Mary Fleckenstein, lead; Beth Redfield, back-up
HTC & STC Staff: Mark Matteson, Alyssa Ball and Clint McCarthy‚Äč

Final Report with Appendices         

Study Outline     

Presented at JTC Meeting on 7/24/13: 
Tacoma Narrows Bridge presentation   

Presented at JTC Meeting on 10/9/13:  
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Update  

Presented to Transportation Commission on 1/21/14:  
Tacoma Narrows Bridge presentation