Joint Transportation Committee

​Regulation of Taxi and For-Hire Services

ESSB 6106, Sec 204(7) directs the Joint Transportation Committee to study the regulation of transportation network companies in Washington State. The study must include a review of the regulatory framework used by local jurisdictions in Washington and in other states, an evaluation of the most effective public safety aspects of a regulatory framework, including the type of required background checks, and an assessment of the most effective and efficient state and local regulatory structure. The JTC must consult with DOL, UTC, WSP, local governments and other relevant stakeholders.
Budget:                      $255,000
JTC Staff:                   Dave Catterson
HTC and STC Staff:   Kelly Simpson, Bryon Moore; Jennifer Harris, Mark Matteson
Report due date:       January 14, 2019   

Regulation of Taxi and For-Hire Vehicles Policy Guide    

Presented at JTC Meeting 12/13/18:
Taxi and For-Hire-Services Study Update 

Presented at JTC Meeting 11/13/18:
Taxi and For-Hire Study Update