Joint Transportation Committee
Titling and Registration Process Study

ESSB 6001, Sec 204(7) directs JTC to coordinate a work group to review existing titling and registration policies and processes that county auditors, subagents and agents must comply with when conducting title and registration transactions.  The goal is to provide recommendations to streamline processes, modernize policies, and identify potential information technology opportunities.   
The workgroup will include representatives from the Departments of Licensing, county auditors or agents and subagents. A report is due by December 1, 2014.
Budget: Within existing funds
JTC Staff: Gene Baxstrom, with Mary Fleckenstein as back-up
STC and HTC Staff: Amanda Cecil, Jerry Long and Amy Skei​
Report due date: December 1, 2014   

Study Outline  

Final Vehicle Licensing Study Report   

Titling & Registration Process Study--Workgroup Meeting
August 18, 2014
Olympia, WA JTC Office
Subagent Staff Summary   
Auditor Staff Summary   
Observations & Recommendations    
50 States Report on Private Licensing Agents   

Presented at JTC Meeting on 9-18-14:
JTC Vehicle Titling and Registration Process Study

Presented at JTC Meeting on 12-11-14: 
Vehicle Licensing Study Draft Final Report