Joint Transportation Committee

​Public Transit System Capital Funding Needs

ESSB 6106, Sec 204(6) directs the Joint Transportation Committee to conduct a study of the capital needs of the 31 public transportation systems operated by public transportation benefit areas, metropolitan municipal corporations, cities, counties and county transportation authorities. The study will examine vehicle fleets as well as facilities such as park-and-rides, maintenance facilities and transit centers and will include an assessment of potential revenue sources to address future capital needs. The Washington State Transit Association and WSDOT will provide technical support to the study. A final report is due on June 30, 2019.

Budget:                      $315,000
JTC Staff:                   Paul Neal, Dave Catterson
HTC and STC Staff:   Hayley Gamble; David Munnecke
Report due date:       June 30, 2019   

Transit Capital Needs Assessment Final Report & Executive Summary, June 2019   

Presented at JTC Meeting 6-26-19:   
Public Transit System Capital Funding Needs Study
Transit Capital Needs Assessment Draft Final Report   

Presented at JTC Meeting 12-13-18:
Public Transit System Capital Funding Needs Study Update