Joint Transportation Committee

​Analyzing Electrification of Public Fleets in Washington State    ​​

​ESHB 1160, Sec, 204(2) directs the Joint Transportation Committee to conduct an analysis of the electrification of public fleets in Washington State. The study will look specifically at the vehicle fleets owned by the State of Washington, cities, counties and transit agencies. Elements of the study will include:

  • An inventory of existing fleets that includes fuel, engine and vehicle type
  • A review of currently available electric vehicle alternatives for vehicle types most commonly used in the public fleets
  • The projected costs of achieving substantial conversion to battery and/or fuel cell electric vehicles by 2025, 2030 and 2035
  • Identification and analysis of financing mechanisms that could be used to finance the transition of publicly owned vehicles to battery and fuel cell electric vehicles
  • The predicted number and location profile of electric vehicle fueling stations needed statewide to provide fueling for the public fleets.

An advisory group will help guide the study. Membership will include representatives from the JTC, House and Senate Transportation Committee staff, the Department of Enterprise Services, Washington State Department of Transportation, the Department of Licensing, the Department of Commerce, the Washington State Association of Counties, the Association of Washington Cities, the Washington State Transit Association, transit agencies, and others as deemed appropriate.

Budget:                          $450,000
JTC Staff:                        Dave Catterson, Paul Neal
STC & HTC Staff:           Kim Johnson; Dave Munnecke
Report due date:         September 30, 2020 

Electrification of Public Vehicle Fleets Study Final Report November 2020    

Presented at JTC Meeting on 11/17/20:    
Electrification of Public Vehic​le Fleets Study presentation    
Electrification of Public Vehicle Fleets Study Draft Final Report​   

Presented at JTC Meeting on 5/21/20:   
Electrification of Public Vehicle Fleets Study Update