Joint Transportation Committee


​Marine Pilotage Study

2ESSB 5096, Sec 204(1) appropriates $200,000 for a study of marine pilotage in Washington state, with a goal of recommending best practices for tariff and fee setting, determining pilot workload, pilot recruitment training and selection, with a focus on increasing pilot diversity; and governance structures for oversight and management of pilotage activities.  The final report is due January 8, 2018.
Budget:   $200,000
JTC Staff:   Beth Redfield and Mary Fleckenstein
HTC and STC Staff:   Jennifer Harris and Hayley Gamble
Report due date:   January 8, 2018   

Final Report - Washington State Pilotage, January 18, 2018    

​Presented at JTC Meeting on 7/20/17:
Board of Pilotage Study   

Presented at JTC Meeting on 9/14/17:
Board of Pilotage Study Update      

Presented at JTC Meeting on 11/15/17:

Board of Pilotage Study Update   
Board of Pilotage Commissioners   

Presented at JTC Meeting on 12/14/17:
Board of Pilotage Commissioners Study Update   
Board of Pilotage Draft Final Report and Recommendations Executive Summary