Joint Transportation Committee

​Powered Micromobility Lending Libraries Study 

​​The 2022 Supplemental Transportation Budget (ESSB 5689, Sec 204(11)) directs the Joint Transportation Committee to examine options and provide recommendations for a state program to assist in establishing powered micromobility device lending libraries. The stated intent of the libraries would be 'to provide low-cost or no-cost, reliable, and healthier modes of transportation to vulnerable communities.' The final report is due to the legislature June 30, 2023.

The specific elements of the study include:

  • Research and a summary matrix of current lending library program details including: the types of micromobility devices utilized; entities that operate the programs; technical assistance provided, if any; if a program is specific to serving vulnerable communities; any device purchase incentives; and challenges and successes of these existing programs.
  • ​Survey and interview existing lending library program operators and grantors/funders to identify successful grant program framework(s).
  • Using the information gained through research, the survey, and interviews, develop recommendations on the program characteristics that may best support a successful state program. 

Powered Micromobility Device Lending Libraries Final Report​   

​What are "micromobility devices"?​

​For the purposes of this study powered micromobility devices are defined as:

  • devices that do not exceed product speed of 30 miles per hour or product weight of 100 pounds and includes electric bicycles, electric cargo bikes, and electric standing scooters​

  • other mobility devices under 50 pounds in weight that do not use fossil fuels


​If you have questions about this study, please contact:

Alyson Cummings, JTC Staff,

Dave Catterson, JTC Coordinator,