Joint Transportation Committee


​Transportation Equity in Cities

​​​The Washington State Legislature has commissioned a study of transportation equity in Washington state’s cities and towns. The primary purposes of this study are to:

  1) Educate city and state officials on the impacts of current and historic city transportation investments on designated populations including communities of color, low-income households, vulnerable populations, and displaced communities.

  2) Describe tools and methods that individual cities and towns can use to assess transportation equity in their own jurisdiction.

  3) Provide recommendations on tools and best practices that cities and towns can use to improve, diversify, and expand city transportation investments leading to more​ equitable distribution of transportation benefits and impacts.

There are 281 cities and towns in Washington state. Some have been working directly on equity issues for years. Others are getting started or have hired dedicated staff only recently. Smaller cities and towns often lack staff and resources to create their own equity programs. The demographic makeup of Washington’s cities and towns as well as the disadvantaged communities within vary significantly. The goal of this study is to provide information, guidance and recommendations that is helpful to all.

​​The JTC has contracted with Toole Design to conduct this study. The final report is due to the transportation committees of the legislature by December 20, 2022.

Presented at JTC Meeting 12-15-22:
Transportation Equity in Washington Cites Study Update​   


​If you have questions about this study please contact:

​Dave Catterson, JTC Staff​​​ ​​