Joint Transportation Committee

​Truck Parking Action Plan

The Washington State Legislature has directed the Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) to develop a Truck Parking Action Plan (Plan). The Plan will recommend various options and strategies to address the shortage of truck parking in Washington State. The final report including the Plan is due to the transportation committees of the legislature by January 1, 2022. The JTC has contracted with Cambridge Systematics to conduct this project.

The specific​ elements of the project include:​​

  • Prepare a summary of truck parking issues and potential solutions. ​The project will utilize and build upon past work already completed on identifying the gap in need vs. availability of truck parking in Washington State and around the country, as well as possible options to address the issue. It will incorporate best practices and successes in other states that may be feasible to implement in Washington State.
  • ​Conduct stakeholder outreach to develop a prioritized list of potential actions. Past work has engaged experts and diverse stakeholders, this project will build upon that effort. Outreach will include a survey to validate previous findings, individual stakeholder interviews, and a solutions charette engaging leaders of the public & private sector to vet possible Plan options.
  • Development of an action plan for Washington State with specific next steps for the highest priority actions. The solutions identified will address immediate needs and set the state up for long term success in addressing the issue. 
Budget:     $200,000
JTC Staff:     Alyson Cummings, Dave Catterson
STC and HTC Staff:     Daniel Masterson; Jennifer Harris
Report Due Date:     By January 1, 2022  

​​Presented at JTC Meeting 9-23-21:   
Truck Parking Action Plan​   ​

Presented at JTC Meeting 12-16-21: 
Truck Parking Action Plan    
Truck Parking Action Plan Draft Final Report​ ​

Final Report Truck Parking Action Plan     
Final Report Action Plan Supplement     
Final Action Plan Supplement Appendices     

Why is Truck Parking needed?

​Some of the reasons truck parking is needed for short and long-haul drivers is to allow for federally-mandated rest breaks, to ensure they are at their delivery or pick-up location for the correct window of time to offload or load goods, and for the parking of trailers and containers when not in use. 


​If you have questions about this study, please contact:

Alyson Cummings, JTC Staff,

Dave Catterson, JTC Staff,

Dan Anderson, Cambridge Systematics,