Joint Transportation Committee

​Study of Vehicle Licensing Subagents in Washington State

ESHB 1160, Sec, 204(4) directs the Joint Transportation Committee to conduct a study of vehicle subagents in Washington State. The study must consider and include recommendations, as necessary, on the following:

  • The current process of selecting and authorizing a vehicle subagent, including the change of ownership process and the identification of any barriers to entry into the vehicle subagent market;
  • The annual business expenditures borne by each of the vehicle subagent businesses since fiscal year 2010 and identification of any materials, including office equipment and supplies, provided by the department of licensing to each vehicle subagent since fiscal year 2010;
  • The oversight provided by the county auditors and/or the Department of Licensing over the vehicle subagent businesses;
  • The history of service fees, how increases to the service fee rate are made, and how the requested fee increase is determined;
  • The online vehicle registration renewal process and any potential improvements to the online process;
  • The Department of Licensing's ability to provide more5vehicle licensing services directly, particularly taking into account6the increase in online vehicle renewal transactions;
  • The potential expansion of services that can be performed by vehicle subagents; and
  • The process by which the geographic locations of vehicle subagents are determined

An advisory group will help guide the study. Membership will include representatives from the JTC, House and Senate Transportation Committee staff, the Department of Licensing, county auditors, vehicle subagents and others as deemed appropriate.

Budget:                          $275,000
JTC Staff:                        Paul Neal, Dave Catterson
STC & HTC Staff:           Bryon Moore; Beth Redfield
Report due date:         September 30, 2020  ​

Vehicle Subagents Study Final Report November 2020​        

presented at JTC Meeting 11/17/20:   
Vehicle Subagents Study presentation    
Vehicle Subagents Study Draft Final Report    

​presented at JTC Meeting 12-17-19:​
Vehicle Licensing Subagent Study Update    

presented at JTC Meeting 6-23-20:    
Vehicle Subagents Study Update