Transportation Resource Manual January 2021​​ Update​

​​​The Joint Transportation Committee opted to publish a supplement rather than a full reprint of the January 2021 Transportation Resource Manual​
update because of the uncertainty we faced during the summer when we were planning the 2021 edition. That uncertainty included:
1) the then-unknown status of I-976
2) the potential for pandemic-related federal funds
3) agency bandwidth to work on the project given the need to focus on pandemic management

Accordingly, the 2021 supplement is limited to:

  • Updating state taxes and fees section to incorporate new revenue forecasts
  • Summary of new transportation legislation since the 2019 resource manual
  • New entry for the "Initiatives" resource manual section describing I-976  

For detail on transportation agencies and the structure and use of particular taxes and fees, please refer to the 2019 Resource Manual​​        

2021 Transportation Resource Manual Supplement